Greek government of SYRIZA and ANEL continuing the policy of memorandums that the former goverments of PASOK and ND also implemented to the society, is selling archaeological spaces and historical monuments to private funds. Today’s government is going a step further. Now they are selling the archeological area of the school that ancient philosopher Plato to a multinational company ARTUMΕ-BLACKROC so they will build a mall, restaurants, bars etc.

We, the participants of the 6th international meeting that takes place at Pigue, Argentina, we are strongly opposite to any thought of selling any archeological spaces and historical monuments and further more of the school where the great philosopher Plato teached and we demand:

  1. From the Greek government to stop these sales and first of all stop the sale of Plato’s Academy
  2. From UNESCO and other international organizations to interfere so the commercializations of archeological spaces and historical monuments stops completely.


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